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Marvel's Midnight Suns

Fight as a superhero in the depths of the Marvel Universe. Play as a legendary demon hunter tasked with leading a group of superheroes and supernatural warriors facing a series of threats.


Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns is a title that fuses the plot, character relationships, customisation and progression of an RPG with the tactical strategy and combat mechanics of a card-based game. Set in the darker side of the Marvel Universe, forge indestructible friendships with the iconic Marvel Superheroes, as well as dangerous supernatural warriors as you face the greatest global threat ever seen... the demonic forces of Lilith and the Elder God Chthon.

Your Marvel Adventure

You are Hunter, the first original customisable heroine in the Marvel Universe. Customise your appearance, choose how you react to situations, and befriend Marvel legends such as The Avengers, X-Men and Runaways. Decide who to take with you on each mission and which missions to complete, along with other options that will make your experience unique.

Fight and Think Like a Superhero

The creators of the acclaimed tactical XCOM series bring us an engaging, highly customisable card-based combat system that rewards good strategy with Superhero flair. Deploy your team of Superheroes in turn-based tactical missions. Use your environment, move around the battlefield and execute the perfect shot or combo. Launch devastating attacks by using your special abilities to gain the upper hand in each epic showdown. Enjoy a unique, exciting experience in this combination of elements from tactical games and card-based combat.

Live Among True Legends

Discover what Superheroes do in their free time. Explore the Abbey – your secret base – to uncover powerful items and hidden secrets that will help you to defeat Lilith and her minions. Befriend and really get to know the Marvel heroes as you interact with them like never before, going far beyond the comics and movies.


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