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Έλα στο Battle Space και ετοιμάσου να κατακτήσεις το σύμπαν! Αυτό το RTS πλοήγησης στο διάστημα θα σε ταξιδέψει σε πρωτόγνωρα μέρη. Κατασκεύασε διαστημόπλοια, πρόσλαβε κυβερνήτες και γίνε ο πιο ισχυρός αεροναύαρχος του Γαλαξία! Βάλε μπρος και φύγαμε!

Battle Space


  • BATTLESPACE 13/07/2016 16:24


    Now that the summer is here, we would like you to share with us all your summer adventures. Doesn’t matter if it’s a picture of your neighbour's cat or of that sand castle you made with your cousins. We just want to live those moments with you (and feel that healthy envy). But here comes the best part! In exchange for your pictures we will be giving away some amazing awards for the ...

  • BATTLESPACE 05/05/2016 7:25

    Union Interception [05/06/2016]

    Admirals, A Union Interception will be launched on our servers on Friday, May 6th at 10:59PM (BST), 5:59 PM (EDT) and it will last for 48 hours. Vaminos fleets have been detected and you have to intercept them and destroy them. You can participate to this event just by clicking on the "Warning" which has appeared on the top of your screen (or directly in the Union ...

Πρόσφατες ενημερώσεις

  • BATTLESPACE 20/07/2015 10:08

    Battle Space is finally available

    Hello space adventurers! Battle Space is finally available in IDC/Games! Recruit your commanders, prepare your ships and set off on the conquest of the Galaxy. Many planets are waiting to be conquered and many players are looking forward to participating in the attacks and join the unions. Sign up for Battle Space now and become the best Admiral in the universe! The Battle Space Team

  • BATTLESPACE 06/07/2015 9:54

    Battle Space launch trailer

    Greetings intersterllar warriors: While you are waiting for the release of Battle Space, we invite you to watch the launch trailer! We're sure you're looking forward to playing it, so don't miss it and leave us your opinions in the forum! The conquest of the universe is closer than ever! Best regards, The Battle Space Team