Zula Europe becomes the game with more teams is the ESL Community Cups and to celebrate it we bring you +50% more gold!

06/02/2018 - 11:00


Hello everyone!

We want to inform you that Zula Europe has become the game with the most teams registered in the ESL Community Cups with a total of 60 teams participating in our last Community Cup. Clicking here you will be able to see the bracket of this great tournament held on Saturday 02/03/2018.

To celebrate it during the day 06/02/2018 from 10:00 (CET) until 23:00 (CET) you will receive 50% more gold buying the 50000 Zula Gold pack!

Do not hesitate to participate in the following Community Cups that will take place in Zula Europe!

See you on the battlefield!

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