The best Zula Plays October Edition!

06/10/2017 - 15:48


Dear all,

We want you to send us your best plays to give you some rewards!

We will select the best 3 plays of October and the winners will get:

- First position: 5 platinum decks + 2500 Zula gold
- Second position: 3 golden decks + 1500 Zula gold
- Third position: 1000 zula gold

You can submit your best Zula plays on two different ways:

- Leave the YouTube link of the video on this post.
- Send the video to

IMPORTANT: You should give us the information below (either you send the video via email or posting it here):

- Video title
- Your Zula in game name
- Your Country

Question: How can I record my plays?

You can record your gameplays using the following programs:

- GeForce Experience (Gamestream)
- Open Broadcaster Software
- XSplit Gamecaster

IMPORTANT: videos made with a mobile phone, cameras or that have low quality won’t be accepted. We will only accept high quality videos (minimum 720HD & 30FPS)

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