Santa is coming to Zula!

19/12/2019 - 13:40


Santa is coming to Zula to leave some Christmas skins!

You will be able to obtain them with the Christmas 2019 Deck.

Weapons with Christmas 2019 skin: AK-47, AUG A3, AWP, BORA12, Cheytac M200, Colt 1911, Desert Eagle, DSR-1, Fateh, FN FAL, G36, Glock 18, HK417, HK417 Pro, Kar98, Kriss Vector, Dragunov, L115A3, M3, M468, M4A1, M6 LWRC, M93R, MAC 10, Magnum 357, Scout, MPT-76, MPT-76S, MPX, P90, UMP45, UTS-15 and X-CRL.

In addition, you will be able to play again the Snowball War Mode!

Merry Christmas!

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