Patchnotes V 1.23c

03/12/2018 - 13:00


Hello everybody,

Take a look to the patchnotes of the V 1.23c:

New Customization Series:

Pirate Series: this series includes all kind of attachments to customize your weapons.


Zula Europe Pro League skins:

Epic Special Edition skins designed specially for Europe.


New Items:

Extra Case: Randomly gives one of the goods from the list:30/7/1 days: Bullet Proof Vest 5%, Bullet Proof Vest 10%, Extra Mag +1, Fire Speed +5%, Defuse Kit 35%, Invulnerable +1 Sec, Quick Reload 10%, Quick Reload 25%, Quick Respawn 25%, Quick Respawn 50%, Quick Switch 10%, Quick Switch 20%, Recoil Reducer 5%.

Raptor Collection Deck: Gives 6 cards for Raptor Series: Raptor Top Attachment, Raptor Bottom Attachment, Raptor Front Attachment, Raptor Skin, Mecha Sticker, Raptor Accessory.

Limited time Game Mode:

Snowball War mode will be activated during a limited period of time.

MPX readjustment: Recoil +1.

HK G3 is available to upgrade.

See you in the battle field!

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