IDC/Games Event - Snowball War

18/12/2019 - 11:25

Let's meet this Thursday 19/12 in the IDC/Games Event! We will play in the Server 8.

So note down the time and place of the event: 4:30 PM (CET) in Server 8.

IMPORTANT: this time all our GM will play the Snowball War mode. The player with more kill will get 10000 ZG and the second and third 5000 ZG.

Rules remain unchanged, please read them carefully:

The rooms will be named IDC/Games Event!

​VERY IMPORTANT: You can only win once, if you participate in another game and your name appears again among the winners, you will only receive the reward 1 time.

- If an user creates rooms with this name to distract other players, he will be banned permanently.
- There should be a GM on the room, if not the room is not the official one.
- If a player break one of this rules he won't receive any reward.

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