Competitive Mode FAQ

05/01/2018 - 16:32


What is the Competitive Mode? (BETA)

With the V 1.17 we bring you a new mode as we promised! The Competitive Mode, also known as "Ranked Games", is a system of qualifying matches that matches some players with others individually or by team. In this system players win or lose ELO points at the end of each game.

Can all players enter the Competitive Mode? What level should I have to participate?

- To play in the Competitive Mode you must have at least level 10.

To compete in the Competitive Mode, should I be a member of a clan?

- You can enter the Competitive Mode server being or not member of a clan.

How can I start a match in the Competitive Mode?

- To play in the Competitive Mode you must enter the "Competitive" Server and click on the "Find Match" button.

What game modes are there in the "Competitive" server? Which are the rules?

- In the "Competitive" server all matches will be played in Sabotage mode with victory condition "Win 10 rounds". In case of a tie, an additional 6 rounds will be automatically played to break the tie.

What maps are played on the "Competitive" server? Can we choose?

- The maps of the Competitive Mode are Favela, Refugee Camp and Old Town.
- Maps will be selected randomly by the system.

What are the ELO points?

- The ELO is a scoring system that is based on the average of the matches you lose and win in the Competitive Mode. In this system players win or lose ELO points at the end of each game.

Can I play with my friends in Competitive Mode? How are my teammates determined?

- You can choose your teammates by inviting them from your friend list or clan. If you play individually your team will be randomly selected based on your ELO Points.

How are the rivals determined in the Competitive Mode?

- In the Competitive Mode your rivals will be determined based on your ELO Points.

What happens if I leave the game without finishing it?

- If you leave the matches for any reason you will lose ELO points. If you repeat this action several times in a row, your participation in the Competitive Mode will be restricted for a certain period.

Where can I check my ELO points?

- You can see your ELO points at the end of the game on the results screen.

What are the ranks of the Competitive Mode?

- In the Competitive Mode there are 9 different ranks: Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, Diamond, Elite, Master and Legend.

What do we obtain by playing Competitive Mode?

- To celebrate the launch of the Competitive Mode at the end of each game each player will receive a reward. The prize will vary based on whether the match is lost or won.

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