Characters: Shahram Sans

19/11/2019 - 11:55


Born in Tehran.

Not much is known about his past. Even though he came from the streets, he could easily admit himself everywhere with his intelligence and charisma.

Shahram, along with his closest friends, was tracing a group that flared up the tensions in the Middle East.

Finally he followed the tracks of Gladyo and raided the radar base. He was well protected from the base estimate. He lost all his friends in the battle and was himself seriously injured. The Zula Team, who organized the operation on the same base, found Shahram seriously wounded. Days later he awoke and learned the truths of Gladyo from Zeynep. Shahram was destroyed by the sadness of losing his team.

He vowed to take revenge on Gladyo by joining the Zula team to save his life.

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