Rivengarde Rabbit Hunt

15/02/2017 - 15:39


Dear Mythologers,

From February 14th to March 15th a new event named Rivengarde Rabbit Hunt will be available in our servers. 
All users have to be in Rivengarde during the event time.

The event will be available from 6pm to 11:30pm (CET) every day.


The boss appears hourly and every hour on the half hour: Lava Wolf (mini Boss) appears hourly (duration: 30 minutes) and Bane Golem (main Boss) appears every hour on the half hour (duration: one hour).

You will have to kill monsters to acquire Usagi pieces and to redeem Usagi(★) rewards, Usagi Evolution Peach and Girola Flower from NPC Karin in Rivengarde.


Do not hesitate to visit the shop to discover the news: 20%OFF on the Usagi Piece pack.

Have fun and see you in Rivengarde!

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