Event : Heart of Warrior

18/01/2017 - 12:36

Dear Mythologers,


From January 18th to February 06th a new event named Heart of Warrior will be available on our servers. 

During event period, player who participate in PVE or PVP content can obtain "Warriors badge" which can be use to exchange reward with NPC Karin in Rivengarde.

Ways to obtain "Warriors badge":
1. Defeating bosses in instances
- Lv 20 Drakonia Cave-Equipment
- Lv 20 Water Drake Ruins-Relic
- Lv 30 Xeondra-Equipment
- Lv 30 Flamadon-Relic
- Lv 40 Serpent Grotto-Equipment
- Lv 40 Skies of Yinli-Relic
- Lv 60 Skies of Yinli-Equipment
- Lv 50 Ryushin Island-Equipment
- Lv 50 Ryushin Island-Relic
2. Clear PVE event
- Lv30 Hades Tower I
- Lv30 Dragon Colosseum I
- Lv40 Rabbit Ville Raid II
- Lv40 Hades Tower II
- Lv40 Dragon Colosseum II
- Lv30 Star Citadel I
- Lv50 Hades Tower III
- Lv50 Dragon Colosseum III
- Hades Tower (Single)
- Dragon Colosseum (Single)
- Rabbit Ville Raid (Single)
- Star Citadel (Single)
3. Participate in PVP
- Lv30 Immortal Bloodbath
- Lv60 Immortal Bloodbath
- Lv35 Forbidden Plain
- Lv40 Forbidden Plain
Have fun and see you in Rivengarde!

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