Christmas event

19/12/2016 - 16:52


Hello Mythologers,

To celebrate the end of the year, we prepared you an ingame event!

From 20th of December to 3rd of January between 16:00 and 22:00 (GMT +1) go to Rivengarde and speak with the NPC "Karin" to participate.

Please check the instructions :

Event Requirement: 
A/ Level > 20+
B/Player Number > 1~5
C/ Limit > 5 times per stage 

Between 16:00-22:00
1. Locate the NPC “Karin” in center of Rivengarde
2. Signup for event stage “Herb Garden”
3. Complete the stage and obtain “Christmas Holiday Pack” x1
4. Pack contains “Sun Burst Flower” and “Pure Crystalline” which can be use to exchange reward from same NPC
5. If active point can reach accumulative of 70+ per day, player will also be awarded “Christmas Holiday Pack” x1.
6. “Sun Burst Flower” and “Pure Crystalline” will also be sold in item mall at a low price.

Herb Garden stage detail:
Herb Garden I > Lv20+
Herb Garden II >Lv40+

Have fun!
WoM Team

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