Trainyard Unloading Update

08/08/2022 - 10:05


The new update for Rust, Trainyard Unloading, includes a trainyard unloading event, flash bangs and molotov cocktails, performance and lighting improvements, and much more.

But possibly the most exciting news is Twitch Rivals 2. On August 9th, 160 Twitch creators will compete in this massive global Rust competition with a prize pool worth $100k. Over the course of the 5 days of competition, teams will build up their bases and supplies. From day 3 onwards, teams will start eliminating each other, until the last survivor is left standing on day 5. During the event, there will of course be drops from selected participating channels.

If you want to know all the breaking news and find out what might drop during Twitch Rivals, take a look at the complete patch notes.

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