IDC/Games announces the Closed Beta of Project Xandata

01/04/2020 - 13:55

The Closed Beta will start in April with 3 games modes, 3 maps and 3 classes to choose from in this fast paced and team-based arena shooter.

IDC/Games announced today that the Closed Beta of Project Xandata, an online free to play 3v3 competitive shooter full of fast paced action, skill and team play based game modes will be happening next April on a date still to be disclosed.

Developed by The Studio of Secret6, Inc., a Philippines based studio, and Published by IDC/Games, a Spain based Game Publisher for PC and Mobile games, Project Xandata aims to innovate the action games genre with its stunning graphics and unmatched dynamic gameplay experience.

The game will be available for PC users at IDC/Games platform. It will be localized to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Turkish.

Game description and features:

Project Xandata is a free to play online competitive first-person shooter (FPS) where players battle it out in this PvP arena shooter. Players become a Xandat, one of the best soldiers Xandaigdig has to offer. From the combined strength, technology, and weaponry of the Seven Great Nations come a new breed of warriors that fought against other-worldly enemies to bring the world back from the brink of extinction. Players will need to gear up and customize their armor to their personal playstyle as they fight to prove themselves against other Xandats.

Game modes:

- Skirmish - Xandat teams fight in a time-limited skirmish. Each enemy kill will earn points for the team. The first team to reach the appointed Score Value wins. More elaborate take-downs get bonus points. In case of the match reaching the time-limit, the team with the most points win.
- Annihilation - Xandat teams face off against each other as they try to wipe the enemy team out in pure weaponized combat. Each team is granted a set number of revives to use in a round. The winner of each round is determined by the last Xandat standing. The overall winner is determined by a race to win 5 rounds during the match.
- Corruption - Xandat teams score points by collecting shards dropped by fallen opponents. Enemy points can be denied by collecting dropped shards by team members. Every now and then, an Obelisk will spawn around the map, that when destroyed, will drop multiple shards to collect. The team to reach the goal score or the team with most points by time limit shall win the match.

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