The first massive update of PC Fútbol Stars is here!

20/02/2020 - 17:30

Football fans, the first massive update comes to PC Fútbol Stars. It includes, among other things, the possibility of playing between the different platforms. From now on you can play with your friends, whether from IDC/Games, Steam or Google Play. This new feature brings to the game a great rise of players against whom to play and win to reach the top.

Mini Games have been added. Thanks to them you will be able to obtain great rewards every day by overcoming fun positioning challenges in which, as usual, the main objective is to score a goal! As shown in the image below the goal has 3 different ranges in which the reward varies based on the difficulty to score. Do not forget, you will always have rivals in front of you!


More than 200 new teams and 6 leagues in the game. PC Fútbol Stars receives a massive injection of new teams among which you will find teams from the Mexican, Brazilian, Argentinian or American league. Choose from the hundreds of teams you have at your disposal and find the one that will be the chosen one to reach the victory.


From now on you will be able to complete missions and win amazing rewards that are useful to sign a new coach, select a new formation from the existing ones or acquire your Dream Team. The missions will vary with the days and each one will have a special challenge thanks to which, if you reach the victory, you will get a better reward. Go for the Ultimate Prize!


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