Get your exclusive Team Dignitas skin

29/08/2016 - 09:07


Hi people!

This week is going to have a lot of exciting and amazing news.
Since it's Monday and, of course, we all hate Mondays we would like to make it a bit nicer for you.
This Sunday September 4th at XX BST there will be a raffle of EXCLUSIVE AND LIMITED SKINS of the famous E-Sports team TEAM DIGNITAS.

In order to participate in this raffle you just need to complete the following easy steps:

1) Watch the trailer trailer on our YouTube channel
2) Follow @metalassaultidc on Twitter
3) Follow Metal Assault on Facebook

Everybody who completes these steps will automatically enter the raffle that will take place on Sunday, September 4th 5:30PM BST
The spectacular streamer Elektrikk will give us the winners live on the Twitch channel of Team Dignitas. 

Probably you think "Sunday afternoon?" Yep! After revealing the winners Elektrikk will participate in the ESL.

Participate and don't let escape the opportunity to get these nice prizes.

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