Let's get to know Sister Grimm a little more

24/10/2022 - 11:45

Nico Minoru grew up in a powerful Japanese-American charity family...or so she thought. In reality, to Nico's horror, her parents were powerful wizards and members of an evil organization called the Pride. After seeing them murder a girl, Nico allied himself with Pride's other teenage sons, disowned her parents, and ran away from home.

The depths of her parents' corruption were revealed when Nico tried to rescue a friend captured by Pride and her own mother tried to kill her by stabbing her with a magical staff. Instead of being injured, however, Nico's body absorbed the weapon, wresting control from her mother as the teen's own affinity for dark magic was revealed for the first time. She is now a witch with nearly limitless powers... except her magic can be chaotic and unpredictable. Her powers bend to her will, preventing her from hurting an ally or healing an enemy, but accuracy can be a challenge. More information here.

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