Let's get to know Ghost Rider a little more

08/11/2022 - 14:10

Robbie Reyes grew up in a lively but under-resourced neighborhood in East Los Angeles. The triumphs and challenges he experienced helped him develop a strong sense of his priorities: family, friends and custom hot rods.

Foremost in the "family" category will always be his disabled brother, Gabe, whom Robbie helped raise; however, his other priorities were forced to change when Robbie became possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance.

Many young people have been hosts to this hell-fueled alter ego; Robbie is the last and, at the same time, he won't be the last. When the Spirit takes over, Robbie transforms into Ghost Rider and becomes obsessed with punishing the wicked and inflicting brutal justice on those who do evil.

His actions as Ghost Rider often leave Robbie confused and conflicted about the darkness within him and the price of being a hero. One thing he never complains about, though, is driving Ghost Rider's vehicle: an upgraded muscle car appropriately named Hellride. More information here.

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