Premier Play 2022

22/04/2022 - 14:50

Magic: The Gathering Arena has become one of the most practical ways for many players to interact with Magic, and especially with the competitive system. With the return of the Pro Tour and the high-level game, MTG Arena has had the opportunity to update its role in the greater Premier Play system, whilst also offering its own unique events for digital players.

Alongside new events, the MTG Arena team is refreshing how the MTG Arena competitive path works. During the last two years, playing the ranked ladders has been the main way for a player to start their competitive journey.

As part of the system rework and trying to offer a greater variety of pathways, they are taking the emphasis off the ladder play whilst creating new and flexible pathways for players to find their competitive footing on MTG Arena.

We recommend you read the complete report to discover all the details, as whether you are a casual or hardcore player, you have a way to get to the highest of the competitive scene.

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