Magic: The Gathering Arena | Gladiator

05/08/2022 - 10:50

From August 11-15, you can play in a fan-made format that’s different from anything else on MTG Arena. It's called Gladiator, and if you're looking for an experience full of card variety, interesting choices, and back-and-forth matches, then here you have it!

Gladiator was established in mid-2020, and its fans have been playing and growing this format for years with frequent discussion and regular tournaments. If you want to learn the Gladiator rules and discover the rewards it has to offer, take a look here.

Apart from that, don’t miss the MTG Arena Summer Sale. Starting today, you can buy various cosmetics bundles to personalize your decks, avatars, and stickers. Check out the fantastic Tokyo Lands Bundle and much more here.

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