Abyss Raids: Argos

09/03/2022 - 13:45

The recent events in Punika have caused an ancestral threat to return. It is the traitorous Guardian Argos. Five hundred years have gone by, but the land’s inhabitants still tell stories about the Chain War and the huge confrontation between Argos and the Albion Guardian.

Legend says that after helping Lutera, Nineve and Katan in their journey to the Chain War battlegrounds, Albion got a new order from Vairgrys, the first Guardian.

During the war, Argos rebelled and turned his back on the guardians. He renounced them and started to follow Varkan, the Guardian of Chaos. His betrayal enraged Vairgrys who, looking for revenge, entrusted Albion to track and take down the deserter…

If you want to beat this great guardian you will have to beat three levels. With each level, Argos becomes more powerful and changes mechanics and attack bosses. Each level offers its own list of rewards (which you can obtain once a week) and has different level item requirements to take part.

If you want to find out more information about the story and the character, just click here.

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