Worlds, URF and info on the 11.19 update!

22/09/2021 - 14:50

We’re here to fill you in on the updates to the latest version of League of Legends and take it from us, they’re huge!

Firstly, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) is back. So, get those fingers warmed up and get ready to hammer away at that keyboard.

Next, it’s not only the new and peculiar champion Vex who’s receiving all the attention. Akali, Fizz, Mordekaiser and Ryze, amongst others, have also been a big focus.

On top of everything, the Worlds are fast approaching. The first weekend of Worlds Clash will take place in the first week of October and teams will be put together very soon.

Finally, 11.19 has some new skins and chromas for Dawnbringers and Nightbringers.

To find out more about the updates in detail, click here.

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