V 11.23 is here and, with it, the Preseason 2022

17/11/2021 - 16:55

The new League of Legends patch brings to Summoner's Rift changes to watch out for. New Chemtech & Hextech Drakes arrive, 6 new items, 24 items have been updated, three changes have been made for runes and Objective Bounties.

Plus, the Ultimate Spellbook is back, including loads of Ult-ernates and a special treat for the Junglers.

The preseason is similar to Progress Day, but on the Rift. You can experiment and discover until you can't anymore!

Also, visually, there's a visual update on Caitlyn, Arcane's skins for her and Jynx, and then, for those who like to have a coffee, come the Café Cuties skins for various legends.

For more details, check out the full patch notes.

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