Check out patch 11.18 and changes for Worlds!

09/09/2021 - 16:35

The new League of Legends update is here! This time round, the team at Riot Games have focussed on Worlds. Pros will find that there are new nerfs and buffs to give a new, exciting feel to the Pro meta game. But fans will also discover a ton of interesting changes in the latest version.

On this occasion it was Fizz, Lillia, Qiyana and Rumble’s turn to be modified, amongst others.

Predator’s ganking power has also been increased to push it up to Pro viability. And, of course, there have been bug fixes.

Patch 11.18 also has some incredible things in store for your favourite heroes from the Pentakill III: Lost Chapter series.

To find out about all the changes in the new update in detail, click here.

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