The new DLC “Death’s Herald” soon available!

29/11/2021 - 16:15

Hunt: Showdown's new DLC, “Death’s Herald” is coming on November 30th and contains one Legendary Hunter, one Legendary weapon, and one Legendary tool: Sofia, Weeping Marigold (Vetterli 71 Karabiner Marksman), and Eye for an Eye (Throwing Knives).

A bit of context on the new hunter:

Marked by death at birth, Sofia thought her visions a blessing until the day they led four dark figures to her family home. Flames consumed everything they touched and four gunshots echoed in the night, each followed by the cry of a familiar voice of a family member.

When the last ember died, Sofia performed an old blood ritual, seeking guidance from Death. She followed the signs in pursuit of the Four and in attempt to satiate her desire for vengeance. Initiated by The American Hunter’s Association she leads now the dead – and the living – in the Bayou to their final sleep with the barrel of the Weeping Marigold and the blades of Eye for an Eye at her side.

If you want to get the new DLC, click here for details.

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