New content revealed at the Tokyo Game Show!

19/09/2022 - 12:15

One of the novelties that we have learned about DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS is that Majin Buu will be available as a raider and that his characteristic ability will allow him to evolve into his most powerful forms by transforming Survivors into candy and eating them.

Once he reaches his final form, all survivors will be absorbed into his body, changing the game map. They will have to fight to escape once they have been swallowed!

The ranks of the Survivors are also growing. Those lost in the Temporal Seams will not be alone as they will be joined by a new survivor, the Farmer, who will bring the ability to dig into the ground to the game and if you are lucky, items will be obtained.

If you want to discover more news about DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS, we recommend that you take a look here, but you can also take a look at the following video:

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