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25/10/2019 - 12:45


- What does CityBattle | Virtual Earth is?

CityBattle | Virtual Earth is class based first-person shooter in which players fight for virtual republics based on real cities.

- How much does the game cost?

The game is distributed according to F2P model, which means it is free.

- Is it Pay2Win?

Money allows you to accelerate progress and buy visual customization, but do not affect the gameplay.

- Why are there so few classes?

Classes in CityBattle | Virtual Earth are interesting not because of their number, but in the depth of their modification. Our progression system allows to create dozens of different versions for each class, modifying parameters and even mechanics, significantly changing the gameplay of the class. Although new classes are also being worked on.

- Can we know more about progression?

Each class has 3 abilities and one weapon with two firing modes. For each ability / weapon, you can install a modifier that significantly changes its mechanics and parameters. Also, abilities / weapons can be further strengthened with points obtained by leveling up.

- Will it work on my system?

CityBattle | Virtual Earth has fairly low system requirements:

ОS: 64-bit Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)
CPU: Intel Core i3-4170 or AMD FX-8120
HDD: 20 GB
DirectX: Version 11

- Why is there only a rating battles?

Having 2 independent game modes (rating and non-rating) is essentially dividing players into 2 streams, which increased the waiting time before battle. There are also a custom game and training modes to practice.

- How will the game deal with cheaters?

We have a good barrier against cheaters: EasyAntiCheat. If cheaters still appear in the game, we will quickly ban them.

- How frequently the game is updated?

We try to release a patch every 1-2 weeks.

- When leveling up, my robots become stronger. Will this not create an imbalance?

In rating battles, people are grouped into leagues by their level of play, so that their power is approximately at the same mark. In Championships, the level of players is equalized and only player skill is important.

- Do I have to level up each robot separately?

No, all robots are leveled up at the same time and their level corresponds to the level of the account.

- Can I play with a friend?

You can. Of course, in rating there is a restriction of 3 players per group, but if there are more of you, you can always start a custom game.

- Is the game available on consoles?

At the moment, the game is available only on PCs with Windows operating system, but in the future, it may appear on consoles.

- Why does the same game mode is chosen several times in a row?

The game modes' system is based on every player's level. The probability of finding a specific game mode depends on your level.

- If I did not find the answer to my question here, then where can I ask for it?

You can ask your questions on our forum.

- Are there replays?

So far, the replay system is at the development stage and will appear in the future. But there is a spectator functionality that allows you to watch other people's fights in real time.

- Will there be voice chat?

We plan to add it in the future.

- What do the Republics are?

This is a game fraction based on famous cities, countries or areas. The republic has a government of players and in the future, there will also be a capital through which you can walk. Soon, the players “living” in the republic will fill its budget and receive bonuses in return.

- Why is my city not listed?

To become a virtual republic, a city, district, region or country must have an effective population of about 5 million people. It takes into account not so much the number of people as the penetration of the Internet. Of course, this means that not all settlements will be able to get a separate republic, but everyone will be able to find a republic into which their settlement is included.

- What do parties are?

Parties are an analogue of guilds (clans) that can be in any Republic and are fighting for power in these Republics.

- How many weapons will be in the game?

Each class has one unique weapon with different fire modes.

- Will there be PVE?

PvE missions are under development.

- In what time period does CityBattle | Virtual Earth take place?

Its actions take place in our time, it is not the future and not the past, but rather a virtual version of our planet, which is located on the Internet.

-Is there training mode?

There is no separate training mode at the moment, but there is a shooting range, as well as contextual prompts, for example, activated in battle by pressing F1 and F2 buttons.

- Is game chat moderated?

Yes, we have a group of moderators, as well as rules of conduct in the community.

- Where can I leave links to the resources of my republic?

If you are the President or Minister of your Republic, then you can change "links" by clicking "Republic" tab the pencil icon next to the discord, YouTube and other resources icons.

- Who can change the description of the republic?

It can be changed by the President or a Minister of the Republic.

- Who can change the composition of armies?

It can be changed by the President, or Minister of Defense and his deputy.

- What is an army?

Fighters of the republic are organized in the Army under the leadership of the Minister of Defense. The army is divided into companies, and companies consist of platoons of 6 people each. At this stage, the main goal of the armies is to fight in tournaments on behalf of their republic. Future armies will receive enhanced functionality and responsibilities.

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