Classes: Sniper

18/10/2019 - 11:10


The Sniper is in charge of finishing off damaged enemies before they can escape or crush them alone from a strategic position. The objective of this class is to cause the greatest number of deaths in the enemy team and prevent damaged enemies from escaping to recover themselves with his rifle, the Guillotine.

Role: Attack


- Cloak: while cloak is active, the Sniper is almost invisible to the enemies and his movement speed gets increased. Shooting or taking damage turns the cloak off.
- Recall: the Sniper place a special beacon on the map. While it is active, you can instantly move to it from anywhere in the map. The beacon can be returned by holding the activation key.
- Decoy: the Sniper creates a temporary doppelganger that fires at the enemy forces, distracting and slowing them. Holding down the activation key allows to select the Decoy's position more precisely.
- Guillotine: powerful railgun with sniper scope. With LMB, in Mode 1, it shoots inflicting average damage with a moderate rate of fire. With RMB you will enter Mode 2, so you will be able to shoot more precisely and inflicting a high quantity of damage.

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