Classes: Saboteur

04/10/2019 - 13:35


The Saboteur is an elusive DPS that is responsible for locating the hidden enemies to end them as quickly as possible with his weapon, the Smart, and with his deadly grenades. The main objective of this class is to discover the positioning of the enemies to give information to the rest of the team so they can attack them mercilessly.

Role: Attack


- Blink: the Saboteur teleports to a specified point at a short distance. Holding down the activation key allows to select the point more precisely.
- Scanner: saboteur scans the area within a certain radius around in order to detect hidden enemies and highlights them to be able to go to their position to attack them.
- Grenade: throws a grenade that explodes after a short period of time or if the enemies get close to it. It inflicts damage and slows the enemies affected.
- Smart: this assault rifle is especially effective in combat with mobile targets. With LMB it offers a high rate of fire with bonus damage at close range. With RMB it offers high precission but the rate of fire and the damage per shot are reduced.

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