Classes: Assault

24/09/2019 - 12:10


The Assault inflicts damage per second thanks to his weapon, the Avalanche, with which he can fire an energy beam to inflict damage in a continuous way or launch remote-controlled plasma missiles. The objective of this class is to finish off the enemies as soon as possible while flying and falling on their enemies to inflict area damage.

Role: Attack


- Flight: the Assault can gain altitude and fly by consuming fuel. Fuel is gradually replenished over time.
- Meteor: the Assault drives down dealing area damage when the collision with the ground occurs. Meteor's damage depends on the height at which it is activated. If it is activated when the Assault is not flying it would inflict the minimum damage. Holding down the activation key allows to aim the dive better.
- Dash: quick horizontal dash in the cursor direction.
- Avalanche: high-tech plasmagun which can shoot an energy beam or plasma missile volleys. With LMB the energy beam is shot. With RMB it launches a volley of 3 plsama missiles and holding RMB you will be able to guide the missiles.

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