Raid Activity

22/11/2019 - 11:05


What does Raid activity is?

Raid activity is a collaborative 10 man combat activity that takes place at Raid dungeons and aims to defeat the most powerful bosses of all Titan.

To enter a raid dungeon you must belong to a 10 man raid.

How to create a raid


The quickest way to find a player for your raid is to post a message at the public chat.

To create a raid, right mouse click on a character and select “Invite to raid”.


Raid leaders

The player that starts a raid is the raid leader.

Raid leaders can delegate the leadership in other raid members by right mouse clicking on them and selecting “Delegate as raid leader”.

They also can kick a member from the raid by right mouse clicking on them and selecting “Kick from Raid”. 



Joining a raid

When another player invites you to a raid, a window will appear with the invitation message; if you wish to accept click on the “OK” button.

Raid members

Raid members’ name and class will appear at the top left screen area. You can interact with them by right mouse clicking on them.

Raid members belong to a raid as long as the game session is active and they don’t leave the raid.

Leaving a raid

If you wish to leave a raid, right mouse down on any raid member’s basic info and select “Leave raid”.

You leave a raid automatically upon closing the game session.

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