How to play Radix Battle Royale

01/10/2018 - 16:00


Hello Champions,

In this post we explain you how to play Radix Battle Royale:

- You should go to the Abandon Headquarters:


- Once you are there you will be able to find Radix Battle Royale Zone portal:


- Once you reach the portal, click on it and press OK:


- Once you go through the portal you should find the NPC called Berronica and talk with her. She is the Battle Royale Reception Manager.


- When she asks you if you want to enter Battle Royale Zone you should click OK:


- This zone is a free for all PvP zone.
- It is recommended to enter it when you have level 50.
- In the center of the map you will find boxes spawning at regular intervals of time.
- Defeat the monsters and users that you will find around to be able to open the boxes and receive special items.
- These items can be assembled and combined to improve your stats.


We hope you enjoy this guide and the Battle Royale mode!

See you in the battlefield!

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