16/02/2022 - 11:00

Ualiar belongs to the Order of Druids. There is a legend about how, in ancient times, one of the first inhabitants of Udhin, a boy named Mikkel, went deep into the Sacred Forest. Inside there was an intelligent spirit living there, the pillar of force in the forest, his incarnation. In the roots of the Great Tree, the oldest tree in the world, the Earth Spirit had a conversation with Mikkel. He told the Earth Spirit his dreams and aspirations, he wanted to be the strongest to be able to protect the forest from anything that could threaten it. The Earth Spirit was proud of Mikkel and gave him part of his power so he could become the Eternal Guardian of Earth. From that moment, the Forest became Mikkel's Forest...

Over time, a powerful organisation formed in the forest, generally pacifistic, with druits known as the Order of Krong Druids, lead by the Supreme Druid, who receives the name of Mikkel, along with all of his knowledge and the skills of all his predecessors.

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