Berserk Reborn | Frame Reveal

24/05/2022 - 08:55

The next step we have taken in Berserk Reborn is the creation of a card frame that will from the beta.

As for the color, we have opted for some bronze/gold hues to give a metallic touch that, together with the flourishes that have been added, gives an epic look that shows the enormous battles in which the players will be involved.

Regarding the statistics, we can see in the lower left part the attack points, along with the type of the card's attack. In the lower right part the health points of the card are shown and, in the upper left part, we see the cost of each card to be able to take it out to the battlefield. The element to which each card belongs is displayed in the upper right corner. As one would expect, each card has its own abilities, which are reflected in the lower rectangle of the card.

To go into more detail, the stone that we see above the abilities (in this case green) shows the rarity of the card in question. The stars that we see under the name of the ability appear on the cards whenever they are upgradeable (keep in mind that the upgradeable cards are the creatures, equipment and terrain ones). For heroes, stats representing the number of creatures, equipment, and terrain that can be added to the squads they lead will be displayed instead of stars.

Finally, in the lower area, in the center, the set or expansion to which each card belongs is shown.

We hope you like it!

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