Europa Coalition

13/02/2023 - 10:54

One of the most anticipated changes to the full release version will be an overhaul of the faction system and everything related to it: quests and events, reputation system, faction-specific perks and rewards...

The Europa Coalition began as a trade agreement between two prominent settlements roughly a century before the events of Barotrauma, at a time when exonationalism, or the belief that Europe was not a mere colony but an independent world, was rising and gaining ground. popularity.

The leaders of these pro-European settlements pooled their resources and hired paramilitary groups to defend their investments and trade routes, funneling money and power where they needed it most.

The Coalition expanded its reach, siding with friendly solutions and taking over others that were not equally interested in joining. Soon enough, they controlled most of the important trade routes and industries in Europe and were on their way to becoming the de facto government of the moon. Their goal: to see Europa come to life without Earth's supervision.

Take a look here and discover all the details about the Europa Coalition.

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