Don’t miss the Launch Trailer for Children of the Worm!

31/08/2022 - 08:30

Are you ready for a new Act? Children of the Worm has 6 brand-new chapters along with a new Cleaner, 8 exclusive character skins, 12 exclusive weapon skins, new weapons, accessories, and cards.

Recent reports describe an alarming rise of attacks on survivors along the coast of the Kanowa River. While the motivation of the attacks remains unknown, these disturbing events share a common thread: assailants ambush unsuspecting groups, dragging away some victims and brutally butchering the rest.

To help combat this unknown adversary is new arrival “Prophet” Dan. He’s an Irish, gun-toting, self-proclaimed preacher of the end times, whose mission is to save his flock that was taken by this new enemy.

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