Storm Point gets a monstrous update

03/05/2022 - 14:40

A beast rests on the coasts of Storms Point and has appeared in the IMC armories…

The Apex Legends team presents us with the first Storm Point map update in Apex Legends: Saviors.

Storm Point is a tropical paradise surrounded by ocean as far as the eye can reach. The vast depths of the oceans hide many secrets… One of these mysteries is a marine creature of prehistoric origin that has arrived from the deepest depths to the North-West coast. This hunger after its migration and two of the beloved leviathans from the island have mysteriously disappeared. Recognising the threat that it supposes, the legends forget their differences and work as a team to defeat the fearsome beast.

If you want to discover more information regarding it, enter here.

For now, I leave here the trailer for Saviors, so that you can enjoy it.

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