Discover Storm Point, the new Apex Legends map

26/10/2021 - 16:35

Rodney Reece, Principal Designer on Apex Legends, explain that Storm Point is located on the planet Gaea.

It is a research base forgotten by the IMC where the Apex Games are held. It is the largest map to date, about 15% bigger than World’s Edge.

In addition, it includes a wide variety of locations, from tropical islands to giant mountains.

A curious thing that we are going to find in this new map is the gravity cannons. Instead of having redeploy balloons, we will have the aforementioned gadgets. Entering them will launch us in a predetermined direction. Sort of like the Octane jumpad, but bigger.

We also have to be careful with the dangerous wildlife that inhabits the map!

Enter here and discover all the details to be able to move properly in Storm Point.

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