Apex Legends: Saviors and Revamped Ranked Battles

05/05/2022 - 14:15

Apex Legends Ranked Battles arrived in Season 2, and since then the player base has grown and matured considerably. At the same time, the ranked experience needs to evolve, and the release of Saviors marks the first of many steps to be taken to improve the ranked system.

The current goals for Ranked revolve around two main pillars:

  • Teamwork to achieve victory.
  • Skill and better competition.

With the large number of changes that are going to be applied and that will focus on these two main pillars, the following objective is sought:

  • Players will focus on playing as a team to win
  • RP will be a more accurate representation of overall in-game skill.

If you want to discover more information, go here.

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